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SeaTac Airport Parking

This page offers terminal parking information for Seattle Tacoma Airport. Compare our SEATAC airport parking rates at Our daily rate is considerably less (off-airport parking with free shuttle service to your gate) compared to terminal airport parking.


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Airport Parking at Seattle Tacoma International Airport
Monthly Parking
Pre-paid monthly parking is available for unlimited use..

Parking for the Disabled
About 70 stalls are conveniently located in General Parking on the 4th floor of the airport garage, directly connected to the main terminal by sky bridges. Vehicles properly displaying valid disabled permit identification may use these spaces. General parking rates apply. In addition, 14 stalls are conveniently located on the hourly parking floor of the garage for permitted vehicles. Hourly parking rates apply.

Over-Height, Handicapped-Permitted Vehicles Because of post-9/11 security requirements that prohibit parking within 300 feet of the terminal building, there is no longer parking available for over-height, handicapped-permitted vehicles in the airport garage.

Over-height Vehicle Parking
The garage clearance height is six feet six inches. Parking for over-height vehicles is available at the airport.

To access this parking area, use Highway 99 / International Blvd. from the north or south.
* Enter the airport from South 182nd St. off of Highway 99 / International Blvd. and make your way into the left lane (following general parking signs).

* As you pass construction, stay in the left lane and curve to the left, then follow the signs to over-height parking (which at this point should be in front of you and to the right).

* At the entry plaza, use the open lane on the far right and take a ticket from the machine.
* After the gate opens, drive in and park in any of the 60-plus stalls in the outdoor area. It is within walking distance to the terminal.

* Take your ticket with you, because you will pay for parking at one of the exitxpress machines located on the 4th floor of the garage before returning to your vehicle.

* General parking rates apply.

* Take your paid ticket back to your car and use it to exit.

Paying for Parking at SEATAC
For both general and hourly parking, you pay for parking yourself on the 4th floor of the garage, just outside the sky bridges, at any one of 29 black and yellow pay stations.

Three Easy Steps
1. Take a parking ticket as you enter the garage. Keep this ticket with you.

2. As you leave the terminal, insert your ticket in one of the exitxpress pay stations located on the 4th floor of the garage. Pay the parking fee using cash or a major credit card. The machine will validate your ticket.

3. Insert your validated ticket in the machine at the exit gate as you leave the garage. And off you go!

The machines accept the following U.S. currency: $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills, including the new $20 currency. The machines also accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club credit cards. Part of our World-Class Upgrade, this system represents one of the many ways we're implementing new technologies to serve you better. For more information,

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